The rise of Blueface continues, as the rapper continues to land A-list collaborations with what feels like very little effort. That's not to say the West Coast rapper didn't hustle for his spot; his come-up story features no shortage of grinding. Yet the sheer viral magnetism of Blueface's "allure" seems to have captivated the opportunistic side of several rappers, including Drake and YG. Now, the latter has officially linked up with the Offbeat Connoisseur for a remix of "Thotiana," which stands as one of Blueface's most recognizable hits.

Clearly, the appeal of Blueface is enough to bring Crip and Blood together, in a unified quest for the paper. Say what you will about the rapidly rising star, but it stands to reason that Blueface will certainly be allotted ample room to make a first impression in 2019. Whether he uses what he's given wisely, or merely squanders it remains to be seen. In any case, look for "Thotiana Remix" to surface in the near future, complete with a shiny new video.