If you think of all the recording artists that have broken out this year, Blueface should be on that list of names. The Cash Money West rapper burst onto the scene with his hit single “Thotiana” and he’s trying to prove to us all that he will stand the test of time. He remains unproven and after previewing a couple of new songs on his social media channels, he does not appear to have diversified his craft much. Fans are hoping that he can bounce back and continue to rise to the top of the rap ranks. Last night, he and his manager got into a little tiff, airing out each other online before deciding that the argument wasn’t worth it.

We’ve all been there before. You get into a fight with someone close to you and choose to get petty instead of discussing the issue like adults. Blueface is still learning to operate in this crazy music business. Wack 100, his manager, should know better at this point but the two could be seen talking some trash on Instagram last night.

“Me & Blue Face BEEF’N,” wrote Wack 100 on his personal page. The target of his attack then chimed in with his own thoughts, saying that he’s no longer messing with his manager. “I ain’t fuccin wit @wack100 no more bro finna do this shyt on my own if you don’t want yo manager all up ina videos ina club dancin an shit sign wit BluefaceENT,” said Blueface.

Several hours later, the duo told everyone that they were just capping the whole time, going against Blue’s honesty standard. They recorded a video together and told fans that they were no longer mad at each other. Guess it was just for some quick clout?