Several weeks ago, Machine Gun Kelly's neighbors were complaining about the incessant partying that he has been doing at his house. Can you imagine if they lived on the same street as Blueface and Desiigner?

The "Thotiana" and "Panda" rappers revealed that they're actually next-door neighbors, goofing around on social media and showing off their football skills.

Desiigner took a visit to his next-door neighbor's house, keeping a football in his hands and infiltrating the pool. He set up in the hot tub and warmed up his arm before completing a pass to Blueface, who was standing on the wall of his property, jumping off and catching the ball as he landed in the water.

"We going to the league! NFL," exclaimed the former G.O.O.D. Music rapper as he showed off his quarterbacking skills. Blueface, who has a football background, had no problem completing the flashy pass and stealing the show.

Perhaps these two joined forces in the studio to create another song to boost them back onto the charts. They could definitely both use a hit right now.

Now that the world knows Desiigner lives just next door from Blueface, do you think they'll link up more often for the 'gram?

Blueface Desiigner
 Mike Coppola/Getty Images