Jay-Z and Beyonce are considered by many to be one of entertainment's biggest power couples; both artists are revered in their respected genres, with their success pushing beyond the realm of music. And while the Carter parents are generally ones to be respected, there remains one who can lay down the law if need be. Daughter Blue Ivy has been destined for stardom since her emergence from the womb, and so far, she's been widely accepted by the internet for her aptitude at creating viral moments. Whether it be spitting mumble rap bars on 4:44 bonus cut "Blue's Freestyle," or starring in Beyonce's Snapchat feed, Blue Ivy has more clout than the average child.

In case you missed it, last night was the sixtieth annual Grammy Awards, which took place in New York's, Madison Square Garden. Home-city-hero Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Blue Ivy happened to be in attendance to music's so-called "biggest night" (although let's be honest, it's hardly reflective of the year's actual output of musical quality). During "Havana" singer Camila Cabelo's speech about the importance of children and their dreams, Jay-Z and Beyonce took to clapping at Cebelo's positive message. In what quickly escalated into a viral moment, Blue Ivy was having none of it; while her parents clapped, Blue Ivy laid down the law, essentially shushing her parents with monk-like poise.

The hilarious moment was caught by many eagle-eyed viewers, and soon made the rounds on Twitter. If you haven't yet see Blue Ivy's boss move, check it out below.