In his new documentary, Blocumentary, BlocBoy JB reflects on being shot at just 10-years-old. The documentary is being released to coicide with BlocBoy JB's upcoming album, Bacc 2 Da Bloc.

After explaining that his goal was to be either a basketball player, football player, or a rapper while growing up, the "Look Alive" rapper reveals that he caught a stray bullet while playing football.

BlocBoy JB
Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

"I was playing football and I got shot when I was like ten," he says.

He continues: "They wasn't shooting at me though. They was just basically shooting at each other. I was looking at it from afar. Them n****s were shooting so fucking far. It was impossible that they shot me."

In addition to discussing his upbringing, BlocBoy JB also announced that his next albumBacc 2 Da Bloc, will be produced by Tay Keith.

"I feel like this is me, back to the old me. Back to the basics," he says in one clip from the piece. "The majority of the songs were done in Memphis and all of them were produced by Tay Keith."

Check out BlocBoy JB's story about being shot as a kid below.