Although we like to think that BlocBoy JB meant no disrespect when he filmed himself throwing cash on a homeless man, fans and viewers seem to think otherwise after watching the clip. In the video below, you can see BlocBoy waking up a sleeping man by dropping $100 dollar bills on him in his sleeping bag. "Get your ass up man," he said.

A lot of people wouldn't mind being showered in money, but that's simply not the point for certain Twitter users saying "he could’ve handed him the money that’s mean." Another user added: " I hate when I see rich people give homeless people $100 +. I’m not against it but like come on If I was rich I would help get them off their feet! Not throw some damn cash at them. That’s disrespectful @BlocBoy_JB."

As usual there's always a few users who disagree with the majority:

BlocBoy has yet to respond to the video, but considering the other types of 'bad media' out there, having people disappointed in you for giving a homeless man money isn't the worst move. What do you guys think?