Despite the popularity of "Fortnite," the game's creators have been facing backlash throughout the year for their use of popular dance moves without proper credit. This week alone, there have been two lawsuits filed against Epic Games over their "emotes." BlocBoy JB's "Shoot" dance was one of the many dances included in the game, but the rapper never got the recognition (or a paycheque). Now, it looks like he might be taking Epic Games to court.

BlocBoy JB could be the next person to file a lawsuit against the "Fortnite" creators. The rapper took to Twitter to ask fans whether he should take legal action against Epic Games. "Should I Sue Fortnite Or Nah," he wrote on Twitter.

The "Look Alive" rapper already put the company on blast earlier this year for not getting credit or a cut of what "Fortnite" makes from their in-game purchased "emotes." The rapper addressed the issue that many -- such as Chance The Rapper -- had with the games use of viral dance move predominantly coming from the hip-hop community. "Dey Love Our Culture But Hate Our Color," he wrote on Twitter in September.

Epic Games has already faced three lawsuits over their use of dance moves since the beginning of the month. 2 Milly sued the "Fortnite" creators for their use of the Milly Rock. Earlier this week, Alfonso Ribeiro sued them over using the "Carlton Dance" and Backpack Kid also filed a suit against them for stealing the "Floss Dance."