Last week, it was reported that BlocBoy JB was wanted by the police for multiple charges including drug possession, gun possession, theft of property, and more. The rapper had been travelling and was unable to turn himself in with Memphis authorities until today. During a court appearance this morning, BlocBoy was brought into police custody, immediately being searched as well.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

According to a local Fox News affiliate, BlocBoy JB was arrested this morning with his bond currently set at $50,000. He walked into court with his lawyer, who explained that he was unable to turn himself in because of his busy schedule. The Memphis product has been dropping videos left and right this month, perhaps making the most of his temporary moment of freedom. He was wanted for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, possession of a handgun and theft of property. 

The news has led several of his peers to cry for BlocBoy's release, with Comethazine leading the charge. "Free my n***a," wrote the artist on Instagram. Before this recent case of legal issues, JB was on the serving end of a lawsuit, suing Fortnite for illegally using his "Shoot" dance in their game. Hopefully, BlocBoy JB finds himself free again soon. Free BlocBoy!