Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB experienced somewhat of a fall-off following the release of his "Look Alive" collaboration with Drake in 2018. Aside from his feature appearance on "Camelot" with NLE Choppa, and "Peach Jam" with 88rising and Joji, the 25-year-old rapper has been looked over, for the most part, by much of the industry. However, he intends on making one of the biggest comebacks of the year, stepping back into the spotlight in the same manner that he walked in -- with mega-producer Tay Keith.

Teaming back up with the producer that he rose up the rap ranks with, BlocBoy JB has announced his new project Bacc 2 Da Bloc, executive produced by Tay Keith. The tape will arrive alongside a new Blocumentary, which includes appearances from Yo Gotti and more. 

Lisa Lake/Getty Images

"Applying Pressure All 2022," wrote BlocBoy on Instagram. "I feel like this is me, back to the old me," he said in the Blocumentary preview. "Back to the basics. The majority of the songs were done in Memphis and all of them were produced by Tay Keith."

The new album will be released on January 26. 

Considering how influential BlocBoy JB has been in a few short years, popularizing trending dances and dropping hit records, he definitely has a shot at coming through once again as a big stepper in the rap industry. Are you looking forward to his return?