Blocboy JB Aims Down His Sights In "Sticcs" Visuals

Karlton Jahmal
December 27, 2018 00:50

Don't get caught in the crosshairs.

Blockboy JB may be contemplating suing Fortnite for stealing and popularizing his "Shoot" dance, but in the meantime, he's treated fans to some new visuals. Although JB dropped off his Don't Think That project back in October, he opted to bless the world with visuals off his older The Purple M&M tape. "Sticcs" was a fan favorite when it dropped a year ago, and it appears Blocboy hasn't forgotten about all the love his turn up track received.

Directed by Zach Hurth, "Sticcs" uses video game-like visuals to give the viewers the feeling that they're aiming down their sights. A red reticle appears in the middle of the screen as indistinct figures mob around. Soon after, all the visuals become clear as Blocboy takes his fans on a wild ride through a party filled with money and guns. The opening disclaimer that alerts viewers that the guns are fake doesn't make the video feel any less menacing as masked goons give off ominous energy. 

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