There are con artists at every corner, and a reported Black Lives Matter activist stands accused of scamming people out of more than $500K. Throughout the year, especially as protests have swept the globe, people have been giving to various foundations. Some have donated directly to the Black Lives Matter organization while others have opted to hand over money to charities that support the BLM movement. A 32-year-old man named Sir Maejor Page, who also goes by the name Tyree Conyers-Page, created Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta (BLMGA) and told social media followers that it was a non-profit organization. Unbeknownst to them, the foundation never really existed.

According to investigators, Page set up a bank account for BLMGA back in 2018 and named himself as the sole owner. Reports state that the balance didn't exceed $5,000 until this year when donations steadily increased. "In June, the BLMGA page received $36,493.80 in donations, followed by $370,933.69 in July and $59,914.69 in August," the Kansas City Star reports. Page then allegedly transferred that money to the bank account and spent it on items for himself.

Although Page told his followers that the funds would be used for social justice issues, the FBI concluded that wasn't the case. He's accused of spending money on "tailored suits and other clothing, furniture and a home security system, as well as to make dining and entertainment purchases." The Ohio resident also "used about $112,000 from the account to purchase a home and adjacent vacant lot in Toledo."

Things began to turn for Page after he made social media posts about his new items, and he even purchased three firearms with the money. He was arrested last Friday (September 25) and has been hit with charges including wire fraud and money laundering. Page accepted donations through GoFundMe, so the crowdfunding site has agreed to pay back everyone who donated to the account. It's unclear how much jail time Page is facing.