It is well known at this point that the Philadelphia 76ers have been shopping around Ben Simmons. His time in Philadelphia is coming to an end soon, and the Sixers want as much value for him as possible. There have been plenty of rumors as to where he could possibly go, with the Portland Trail Blazers at the top of that list. Damian Lillard needs a high-caliber player to align with, and many believe that Simmons could be that guy since he wouldn't have to play the point.

In a new report from The Athletic, it was revealed that former Blazers GM Neil Olshey had offered the Sixers a package for Simmons, although the Sixers wanted more. That package included CJ McCollum, a first-round pick, and a young star with a lot of potential. As you will read, the Sixers wanted a lot more and the Blazers were not having it.

Ben Simmons

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Per The Athletic:

"Sources say the Trail Blazers, under Olshey, discussed the framework of a trade for Simmons, moving CJ McCollum, a first-round draft pick and a young player such as Nassir Little or Anfernee Simons to Philadelphia. The 76ers, sources said, at one point asked the Trail Blazers for McCollum and multiple draft picks and multiple draft swaps, which Portland rejected."

With Olshey gone now, there could be some room for negotiations to begin again. After all, the Blazers need a spark, and Simmons could very well be the guy to provide that. Otherwise, Lillard might decide he no longer wants to be with a team that refuses to make moves.

Ben Simmons

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