Kanye West’s Yeezy Boost line is wildly successful, so imitators were soon to follow no matter what. However, we couldn’t have expected this blatant of an imitation.

The anti-Yeezy shown here have the same super high top cut, lacing style and ribbed midsole. The overall silhouette is also undeniably recognizable. Unlike the most recent Yeezy Boost 750, this one at least has a contrasting midsole color and different material on the toe cap. The two sneakers' similarities far outweigh the difference, however.

Authenticity and biting are always hot topics in the rap world, but in fashion it’s almost expected. Zara, H&M and other “fast fashion” chains have made a killing in the retail world by creating cheaper versions of the high-priced items celebrities and models wear, and the imitations are usually thinly veiled. It sounds shady, but from a consumer perspective the imitators’ offerings start to look pretty appealing when you consider the price tag.

If Zara gets more flak for this sneaker than the rest of their catalog, but it’ll be because the product they’re imitating is more recognizable than a simple sweatshirt or t-shirt. But will the notoriously fickle Yeezus respond? It remains to be seen, as these kicks have yet to hit any shelves.