In addition to being a star player for the Detroit Pistons, Blake Griffin has also proven himself to be quite the comedian as of late. Just yesterday, we reported on how Griffin roasted Caitlyn Jenner for Comedy Central and this Summer, he was in Montreal for the annual Just For Laughs festival. Griffin got to host his very own gala and during his trip, he teamed up with Red Bull for some other wacky antics. 

This time around, Griffin can be seen having some wholesome fun with some unsuspecting bystanders. In the video below, Griffin can be seen going undercover as a cab driver throughout the city. As you would expect, there were some people who were able to recognize him eventually, although others went the whole trip without suspecting a single thing.

If you're looking for a quick laugh, this video is definitely great although it isn't as laugh-out-loud funny as his savage dismantling of Jenner. Either way, it seems like Griffin is carving out quite the post-playing career should he decide to continue going doing the comedy route. Based on his work so far, he definitely has a future in it.

In the meantime though, Griffin and his Pistons teammates will be training hard for the upcoming season as they try to develop into an Eastern Conference contender.