For those who felt as if 2017 didn't have enough Black Thought, perhaps this new video can remedy that. Today, the legendary Roots emcee slash your favorite rapper's favorite rapper linked up with Funkmaster Flex to deliver ten minutes of straight bars. Mobb Deep's "Burn" instrumental is the the beat of choice, and Black Thought wastes little time in getting through it. From the first stanza, he's already painting vivid pictures, namedropping historical figures, and showcasing one of the hardest flows in the game.

"Fools swear they wise, wise men know they foolish, but we were heading for the web even before computers," raps Thought, "I never thought you'd give me a reason to do this, Cain and Abel, Jesus and Judas, Caesar and Brutus I see intruders avert your eyes, I told you keep outta the hood - circumcised."

And that's only the first minute. By the time Black Thought is through with the session, his face is slick with sweat. Flex has already made seventeen different facial expressions, all of them indicative of awe. Look at this man. He's simply disgusted with the sheer talent Black Thought is exuding.

His face says it all. If you have time, you should really give this a listen, especially if you've been craving some unapologetic lyricism and bars. There are few who can deliver on those fronts as consistently as Black Thought, and he seems to be in finer form than ever. If only we could get a solo album from the prolific Roots front man. He clearly hasn't lost his touch.