Last week, we received official confirmation that Black Thought, the head MC of legendary hip-hop band The Roots, would be releasing a brand new solo EP, entirely produced by 9th Wonder and his Soul Council production team. 

On the eve of the project's release, Black Thought has decided to share the cover art for his upcoming project with his fans. The illustration was created by Rashid Johnson, an American artist who creates conceptual post-black art, meaning in layman's terms that he seeks to create art about their experiences without being defined by his race. 

The piece shows several abstract illustrations of faces, black squares filled in with scribbles of white. Each face is connected to those above and below it, expect for a conspicuous missing head in the bottom half of the cover. In it's place, a single blotch of black is place, a shape that could possibly be interpreted as a handgun. 

The tracklist for the project has also been revealed. The project will be short, but five tracks. It will also feature verses from Rapsody, Styles P, and KIRBY. 

Needless to say, expect the project to be political. Though, this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has listened to Black Thought or The Root's music in the past. If you're unfamiliar with Black Thought, feel free to check out the acclaimed non-stop 10 minute freestyle he did on Sway in the Morning. 


1. Twofifteen
2. 9th vs. Thought
3. Dostoyevsky (feat. Rapsody)
4. Making a Murderer (feat. Styles P)
5. Thank You (feat. KIRBY)