- Funk Flex

For those of you lamenting the state of the culture, as 6ix9ine prepares to go "10 for 10" on Billboard, rest assured that the lyricism remains in good hands. HipHopDX has brought an intriguing revelation to light, confirming that a new hip-hop supergroup is on the rise. Apparently, Black Thought, Phonte, and Rhymefest will be uniting with producer S1, who has previously worked with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, and more. 

“We’ve been knocking out songs for that [untitled project],” S1 explains. “I’m excited about that. Really dope stuff. What else? I got a lot going on. I would say those are the two as far as just overseeing. Those are probably the two main projects that I’m super excited about, minus just working sporadically with a bunch of different other artists.” It should be noted that he'll be holding it down as executive producer, so it bodes well to hear him talking about the project with such optimism.

He continues, saying "we’re just making great music. We’re not trying to cater to anybody specifically It’s just dope beats, dope rhymes, dope concepts, and then we’re putting it together.”