Self proclaimed "mumble rap inventor" Black Thought has once again proven why he's one of the best lyricists to ever touch a microphone. In case you missed it, The Roots front-man stopped by Funkmaster Flex to drop off ten minutes of straight fire, which ultimately ended up going viral. Clearly, people still enjoy seeing a master of his craft dropping bars, and as it stands, the clip is currently sitting at over two million views. If you have the time it's worth watching, as Black Thought's sheer lyrical prowess is truly a marvel to behold. Even if you aren't crazy about "bars," you'll still find at least one line that had you rewinding the clip.

Clearly, Black Thought is well aware that he struck gold, and has decided to take his show on the road. The Roots have recently hit the road for some shows, and the legendary group have been opening their set with the freestyle in full. Check out some footage courtesy of Pigeons & Planes, who compiled some clips from recent shows in Boston and Washington DC.  

Did ya'll end up watching this freestyle? Wouldn't it be nice if Black Thought spawned a viral challenge of sorts, in which rappers went off for ten minutes straight over a beat of their choosing? Perhaps 2018 will bring upon such wonderful realities.