With the February 16th release date encroaching ever so soon, Marvel has been pulling out all the stops in order to amass a heightened sense of anticipation for its latest superhero film The Black Panther. The studio has created three separate TV spots that briskly reveal main character T'Challa's return to his home of Wakanda after the unfortunate passing of his father in Captain America: Civil War.

Recently, Marvel has been doing a formidable job of showcasing what's been happening with their roster of superheroes outside of Earth, as Thor: Ragnarok primarily dealt with the impending destruction of Asgard, his home planet. While Wakanda is located on Earth, it's presence is far removed from any recognizable society, especially one experiencing the world through the lens of the 21st century.

These three new TV spots aptly named "King of the Avengers," "Entourage," and "T'Challa is Back," are primarily lead by Chadwick Boseman's insights into his character and how his story connects to the greater Marvel Universe. 

Here is the first of three advertisements, "King of the Avengers:"

 "T'Challa is Back" reveals how the title character is essentially a stranger in his own land:

The final clip, "Entourage," showcases T'Challa's gang of allies who have been dealing with the destructive unpredictability of Michael B. Jordan's character, who has become an accomplice of the U.S. military.