King T'Challa has taken the world by storm since the promotional efforts for the superhero's Marvel movie, Black Panther. Though many have been witnessed cosplaying the character, people will now have access to the real deal. The Smithsonian Institute has announced the display of the Black Panther suit. This fall, fans will be able to view the sleekness in person at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The suit in question, acquired by the Smithsonian Institute, will be the original version without the Shuri-designed technological improvements. The temporary display will be part of the first edition of the museum’s African American Film Festival, which takes place from October 24 to October 27 in Washington D.C.

The reason for the suit's inclusion in the festival could be attributed to the film's afrofuturistic flair.  The technology embedded in the costume design is a great fit for The Smithsonian Institution, a huge proponent of art and technology across cultures. Rhea Combs, who is a curator at the African American History Museum specializing in film, commented, “I think the film presented notions of African regality, dignity, modernity and respect for culture and tradition that many people felt proud to see represented onscreen.” The film is said to celebrate past histories as well as the possibilities for the future, earning its spot in the festivities.