Back in February after the initial release of Marvel's Black Panther, we posted on a backseat freestyle session between Lupita Nyong'o and her co-star Letitia Wright. The throwdown was short and sweet but it showed off Letitia's flow, rapping "back on the scene, Marvel baby, stay in the green." On her recent visit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon her side skill was not forgotten as she found her self in a rap battle with The Roots' Black Thought.

Jimmy hit a button and a trio of words came up for Letitia to freestyle to. Her first set was Disco, Red Lobster and Vibranium. Her next trio of words was Hammer, Burrito and Benedict Cumberbatch. Black Thought's set of words were a little more difficult and although Letitia gave it her all, it's safe to same Black is labeled champion. Watch the full video below.

Letitia recently chatted with Good Morning America, speaking about how amazing it is that young girls look up to her Black Panther character as an inspiration. "It's something I always dreamed about," she said "I think the last time I was on the [this] show, I spoke about just wanting to be an inspiration and the fact that Shuri is able to do that and every time I see one of the kids dressed up as Shuri or have the face paint, or the gauntlets or the costume, it just makes me happy."