Marvel fans worldwide are still digesting the madness that was Avengers: Infinity War, but that doesn't mean the MCU has stopped spinning. Black Panther drops on Blu-Ray and digital platforms this month, and with it comes a mountain of extras.

Although it was easily discerned in Black Panther that Okoye & W'Kabi were in a relationship, it was never discussed if they were just dating or if it was something more. One of Okoye's greatest scenes (and there are many) was when W'Kabi asked her if she would kill her lover in battle, to which she replied that she would do it in a heartbeat for Wakanda. Now, an exclusive deleted scene shows just how deep a rift in their relationship Killmonger's presence caused, while also revealing the extent of their relationship.

USA Today acquired the deleted scene prior to the digital release of the movie. Before it plays, director Ryan Coogler explains that the tense scene was meant to let viewers know that Okoye & W'Kabi are a married couple. The lovers are divided after T'Challa is thrown from a waterfall, losing the King's challenge to Killmonger. While W'Kabi yeared for vengeance against Ulysses Klaue for killing his parents, Okoye mourns for her friend T'Challa, who they both presumed was dead at the time. Check out the clip below.