What was once a phenomenon in the United Kingdom has absolutely taken over the world. Black Mirror is an anthology series that focuses on technology and how it can seriously change our lives. Everything that happens in the show is possible in our real lives and to see how things get so messed up because of our dependence on tech is wild. The interactive special Bandersnatch was hit-or-miss for most audiences but Charlie Brooker and his team of writers worked hard on creating three new stories that will freak you out like old times. Season 5 is officially out on Netflix and people are starting to share their reactions.

Depending on how you're watching the new season of three episodes, you're bound to have some pretty crazy reactions to this show. Much like in previous seasons, the new adventures will have you reflecting on the meaning of life and how technology truly has a hold on us. So far, critics are not crowning any of these three episodes as the best of the series -- those spots are held usually for San Junipero, USS Callister, and The Entire History Of You. However, a new season of Black Mirror is always worthwhile because even the episodes that don't live up to past hype are usually pretty incredible themselves.

What did you think of Season 5 of Black Mirror?