All you Black Mirror fans know how crazy and wild the show is and how it depicts outlandish concepts and inventions that walk the line of "that will never happen" to "that could easily happen." In the latest season, "Hang The DJ" is an episode that plays on dating and using a computer to determine how long you must stay with someone before being paired with "the one."

In the episode, couples meet up and both look to their Coach app to see how long they will be staying together. Some couples only have 5 hours together, while some have 5 years or 10 years. 

As a way to get in our heads, even more, the creators of the popular show have created the app in real life. Although it's more of a website than an application on your phone, if you head to Coach App, you can send your partner a link that will reveal how long you two will be together. You can both see the time left in your relationship after you both agree to view it. Clearly, it's just a random time and has nothing to do with an algorithm.

The thought of more Black Mirror concepts being a real thing is a little scary - robot dogs, rating your friends, alternate reality, memory mind reading - no thanks.