The recent release of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, has many fans not only trying to trace all the outcomes that the branching story provides, but also to understand the significance of, or at least the motivation behind them. For those who are confounded at the fourth-wall-breaking, self-referential aspects, Brooker has your back. 

He sat down with The Wrap to trace his thought process for one of the endings:

as we were working out ways the story could go, we thought, ‘Well, you know, this is about somebody who becomes aware that there is somebody there controlling them.’ So there’s going to be a moment where he turns around and goes, ‘Who is it? Who is there?'[...] And we thought, well, it would be funny — ’cause we wanted some branches to be funny, some to be horrifying, some to be dramatic — we thought it’d be funny if you just told him the truth. If you just said, ‘I’m watching you on the television and it’s Netflix and I’m from the 21st century.’ The more you try and explain it to him, the more crazy it sounds, and the more crazy he sounds trying to explain it to anyone else in 1984. So it literally just came as a consequence of that.

Watch the trailer for Bandersnatch below: