If you're one of those people who are paralyzed by virtual choice (for one because it alerts you to how preordained the dominoes of real-life choice can be), you can now rest easy and watch your Black Mirror without having to agonize over the choice between Frosties and Sugar Puffs. A group of Reddit users did what they do best and watched and rewatched Bandersnatch in an attempt to uncover the consequences of each choice, perhaps at the behest of all the people tearing their hair out at some of the most important options:

They eventually came up with a very professional looking flowchart that illustrates each choice in the show/movie/game/event. Some choices, like the one between two fidgets, "pull earlobe" or "bite nails," lead to the same outcome. Others, like the options "back off" or "kill dad" are obviously more consequential. Below is the full chart, which will spoil Bandersnatch for you if you've yet to see it:

If the flowchart isn't enough extra content for you, there's hours more reading material where that came from. Watch the trailer for the "event" below: