Detroit producer and rapper Black Milk has been gone for a minute, but he's about to come back with his first album in four years. The slept on artist has officially announced his upcoming project Fever, taking to Instagram to drop off a teaser video. The clip, which finds Milk in the studio with a skilled guitarist, features a glimpse at Fever's sonic direction, which feels a little less hip-hop oriented. Over some sampled percussion, the guitarist lays down some scales and licks, conjuring up an optimistic and dense musical landscape. Meanwhile, Black Milk oversees the process, directing the musician. 

Fever marks Black Milk's first album since 2014's If There's A Hell Below, which featured Blu, Pete Rock, Bun B and more. The producer did drop off the Sunday Outtakes EP with band Nat Turner last year, but that's not quite the same as a full length Black Milk album. I remember bumping Tronic back in the day, and it will be interesting to see exactly how Black Milk has evolved. As for Fever, we're not quite sure when it'll be dropping, but Black Milk confirmed the album's completion on both Twitter and Instagram, stating "that’s a wrap for the album, music soon."

Hip-hop fans already know that "soon" can mean a wide variety of things, but it's better than nothing. For now, check out the official announcement and album trailer below, and sound off. Is anyone checking for new Black Milk?