Millions of reality television viewers tune in weekly to catch their favorite TV personalities, and oftentimes entertaining the masses includes engaging in arguments. Networks and production companies capitalize off of these tense disagreements and sometimes the heated fights turn physical. It's not uncommon to watch men and women throw 'bows while cameras are filming their every move, and a recent incident involving the cast of Black Ink Crew Chicago has resulted in a lawsuit.

Fans of the show watched on an episode that aired in February as a fight erupted inside of the shop. This is reportedly the fight in question where a man named S.P., a friend of cast member Bella, was knocked out and left bleeding. The lawsuit was filed by Ronnie Spates who named Big Fish Entertainment and cast members Ryan Henry, Van Johnson, Don Brumfield and Junior Diaz as being responsible for his injuries.

He stated in court documents that he was a guest at a party in December located at the 9Mag shop where he “suffered serious physical injuries” that required medical attention. He said four men at the shop jumped him without provocation and Big Fish representatives "provided large quantities of alcoholic beverages" while security “failed to prevent the attacks.”

According to The Chicago Tribune, Spates is asking for more than $50K from each cast member and the production company. He also is seeking lawsuit costs.