Anyone familiar with VH1's reality show Black Ink Crew has seen all sorts of drama unfold with cast member Sky over the years. She's been shown to be hot-tempered, rambunctious, out-spoken, and sometimes crass, but fans tune in weekly to make sure they never miss a moment of the reality star's antics. Sky has used her VH1 platform to build successful businesses, and although her notoriety makes her a target for gossip in the media, she rarely comments on stories that comment on her behaviors. For TMZ's latest report, she made an exception.

The outlet recently shared a video of Sky on the streets of New York City arguing with a cab driver. TMZ stated that Sky "bum rushes" the driver and she was "ready to fistfight one of 'em." Taking to Instagram to clarify the situation, Sky said things aren't always as they seem. "Hey wassup I usually don’t address these sorts of things however I’m in a place in my life where accountability is important," she began. "The video floating around featuring the taxi driver and I exchange of words is being misconstrued."

"There is more to the story than what’s being seen. The driver, recklessly hits myself and my loved ones... We attempted a peaceful resolution and he jumped off the deep end which caused me to react," Sky continued. "If you know me, my love for people runs deep. In no way shape or form do I think my reaction was perfect. It was provoked. I do want it to be known, being from New York, my love for taxi drivers and the public transportation system runs deep. It’s been more pleasant run ins than not. Either way, I’m moving in from this situation knowing I could’ve handle it better." Check out the video below.