At the top of the month, Caesar Emmanuel was busted or driving with a fake license and now a couple of weeks later the Back Ink Crew star along with his cousin Teddy Ruks has been sued by their co-star Alex Robinson for leaving him disabled after a brutal beatdown. TMZ reports that Alex is asking for $1 million from when Teddy and Caesar jumped him back in October of 2018.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty

Alex claims that the duo struck him repeatedly with a closed fist leaving him with permanent pain and disability. You can see some of the beatdown in the clip below, where Teddy joins the attack resulting in Alex walking out with a bump on his head. The show's cameras followed Alex to the hospital days later where it was confirmed that he suffered severe tendon and ligament damage in his back. 

Caesar even admitted to hiring a private investigator to confirm whether Alex's injuries were real. When it was reported to be 100% true, Caeasr reportedly felt terrible since Alex can no longer sit at a chair and give tattoos, putting him out of business. 

The case is still ongoing and Caesar and Teddy have yet to respond to the case.