A police officer from Michigan is being investigated after a KKK application was found in his home under incredibly peculiar circumstances. Rob Mathis, a Black homebuyer, was checking out a five-bedroom home in Holton, Mich. that he and his wife thought would be the perfect place. The home belonged to a police officer who had a Confederate flag placemat on the dining room table and two other flags in his garage. Mathis and his son later checked out one of the bedrooms when they discovered a framed applications for the KKK.

Rob Mathis went on Facebook where he posted about his discovery in the home. "I feel sick to my stomach knowing that I walk to the home of one of the most racist people in Muskegon hiding behind his uniform and possibly harassing people of color and different nationalities," he wrote before making it abundantly clear that the officer will be held accountable. Police have since announced that the officer is on administrative leave as authorities investigate the matter. 

Turns out, the officer's name is Charles Anderson and he fatally shot a 23-year-old Black man over a traffic stop. Although it isn't surprising in the least, it was later determined Anderson acted out of "self-defense" and was clearly allowed back on the job. We'll have to see what action, if any, will be taken against Anderson in the wake of this revelation.