Making some serious waves with their individual efforts, fans of the Black Hippy collective have been banking an eventual collaboration album, but in a recent interview with, posted on HHNM, the majority of the group went on record to say there will not be a collabo album anytime soon. 

ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock, all gave a resounding answer of “no” when asked if fans could expect a Black Hippy album.  Q said that at this time in their careers, each of them are too focused on individual goals, and he doesn’t see their collective styles meshing well on an LP saying, “why [do] niggas want a Black Hippy album? It’s so corny. Why you want the hardest nigga’s to do an album?”

He emphasized how their flows would not translate into a quality group record, “it’ll never come out right. When the hardest nigga’s always get together it never come out right. That’s how I feel. We the hardest nigga’s, but I just don’t feel it’ll come out right. At least right now.”

Further extinguishing fans hopes, Jay Rock said “it won’t.  I don’t know man...I don’t think it’ll ever be a Black Hippy album.”

One can understand how the Black Hippy members don’t want to rock the boat by forcing a group record, especially with so much devoted to their own projects, but saying it wouldn’t work because they all go to “hard” is not a convincing argument.  Everything seemed to work out for Wu-Tang when they teamed up in the mid-90s. 

That being said, ScHoolboy Q did offer that it is just not a project you will see in the near future, but is not completely ruling out the potential for something later in their careers, ““I think maybe later on when we a little older, right now we cool. We too stuck onto our own shit.”