Love to shop? Excited for Black Friday? Well, throw on your trample-proof vest, and head on down this article to find out where and when you can fulfill all your capitalist desires.


The world's largest retailer will be opening their delectable doors on Thursday (today) at 6PM, and remain open for all 24 hours of Black Friday. One notable deal is the Phillips 55-inch Class Smart 4K UHDTV, selling at $298

Toys R Us

The toy overlords are flaunting their openness by starting the Black Friday deals Thursday (today) at 5PM, one hour earlier than Walmart. The store will stay open until midnight Saturday. If you're a gamer, there are amazing deals on games like "Madden" and "FIFA."

Best Buy

Also beating out Walmart by an hour tonight will be Best Buy, a competitive retailer right down to the boastfulness of its name. Unlike Walmart, however, Best Buy will not be open all night, instead opting to close down for the night around 1 a.m., and picking back up at 8 in the morning. One exciting deal at Best Buy is $125 off the iPad Air 2.


Right now we're in the middle of Target's "10 Days of Deals." Each day at Target represents a new deal, so if you've got some shopping to do, find a way to sleep in or around the store. Catch all those deals here.

Here at HNHH, we've got our own hopes for Black Friday. A blog can dream.