Blac Youngsta found himself in trouble with the law back in October. The rapper was arrested in Dallas, TX on weapons charges after police pulled over a vehicle that he was in and discovered firearms. TMZ's obtained footage from the arrest from the officer's bodycam, revealing Youngsta wasn't necessarily shook about the incident. Video shows the rapper being detained in handcuffs with an officer while making small talk regarding the length of the whole process.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

The rapper was then taken into a paddy wagon before members of his entourage who were also taken into custody arrived. Despite having a slight cough, Blac Youngsta did inquire about the cost of making a police van. The officer didn't seem eager to engage and lucky for him, his officers brought along the other individuals who were being arrested.

Other footage also emerged showing the rapper and his entourage immediately after police put them in cuffs. The Dallas officer explained to Youngsta and co. that the venue should've provided them with security. Later on, video shows Lil Migo getting arrested. Police unloaded about $20K from Migo's pocket who said that it was his payout from that evening's performance and explained that he is also a rapper signed to CMG. Migo was charged on charges of possession of marijuana and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Check the videos out below.