It's no accident that Blac Youngsta's breakout hit was titled "Booty," as he continues to demonstrate his commitment to the booty at all times. Yesterday, Youngsta decided to throw a house party just for fun. Surely one would expect him to host a classy event attended by his close friends and loved ones, right?

If you were watching his Instagram story, you might have thought that for a moment; but then the wrestling ring appears.

As it turns out, the man who once asked God for advice on how to "shit on these haters" is the type to throw an absolutely wild party. Youngsta seems to have no reservations whatsoever about what he chose to document, and the footage from the party is intense.

It seems the main ingredient to a Blac Youngsta party is a whole lot of strippers, and absolutely no clothing. The girls were filmed posted inside the wrestling ring, completely naked, and twerking their hearts out. Of course, it wouldn't be a stripper party without bundles of cash to throw as well. The footage is very NSFW, so seek it out at your own risk.

Before the party started, it seems that Youngsta was extending an open invitation to anyone who wanted to come. He even went so far as to post an RSVP number on his Instagram story. Too bad if you missed this one, but chances are pretty high he'll be throwing another rager in the near future. You can check out a preview of the shenanigans down below.