In part two of our SXSW interview with the inimitable Blac Youngsta, the CMG rapper makes a point to put some respect on his boss' name. He says Yo Gotti is the only label head in Memphis -- and one of the few in the whole industry -- who has consistently allowed his artists to become millionaires. 

"Gotti can actually stand up and say, 'I got successful artists with CMG.' It's some rich niggas signed to CMG," says Youngsta, himself being one of them.

Even though he's only been rapping for two years, Youngsta sees himself as more wealthy than the career rappers from his hometown whom he had looked up to for years. The reason being: Gotti doesn't take from his artists. "One thing about big homie, dude don't cut on nothin'," explains Youngsta. "I don't pay Gotti for shit. No shows, no nothin'." 

"No 360's over here," he continues. "We bosses. I'm just keepin' it a hunnid, know what I'm sayin'. Me and big homie partners." 

He then chimed in on the controversy that has been surrounding his boss as of late -- the inner-memphis beef between Gotti and Young Dolph. As it turns out, Youngsta doesn't necessarily agree with how Gotti has handled the situation. "I don't like how Gotti move," he admits. "He don't move like I move. We like two different people." 

Despite Gotti's quietness in his current conflict, Youngsta tells us, "Gotti started the beef shit in Memphis, when it come down to just gangsta shit. Gotti was probably one of the first rappers [who] really came out so gangsta, didn't give a fuck about nobody." 

Though he doesn't always understand his tactics, Youngsta ultimately admires how Gotti has matured since his more reckless days. "At first I didn't, but now I like how he grew," says Youngsta. "Like you can say his name, he don't even give a fuck -- like, 'Who is you?'" 

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