Blac Youngsta is fast becoming a rapper who's known more for his comedic stunts that he later broadcasts on social media than for his music. The Memphis, Tennessee native and close cohort with Yo Gotti is fond of bringing the funny to his followers on social media and, last night, he took his penchant for pranks on the road, turning up to a local McDonald's for some unplanned hilarity.

In a video that he posted to his personal Instagram account, Blac Youngsta was shown wilding out at one of the millions of McDonald's locations around the world. Sporting a multi-colored athletic jacket and his signature bling, the rapper had some iced-out jewelry hanging around his neck and attached to his wrist. Using his speedy delivery, Youngsta dropped some fresh bars on those who were present, including several McDonald's employees who were busy capturing the moment for their own social media accounts. Eventually, he hopped over the counter that he had previously been standing on and made his way in front of one of the drive-thru windows, surprising an older male customer by asking for payment for whatever he had ordered. You can check out the full video below.

Blac Youngsta captioned the clip with the following: "WELCOME TO MCDONALD'S MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER PLEASE❓THEM: I WILL LIKE TO PRE-ORDER THE NEW BLAC YOUNGSTA ALBUM ‼️ME: IT'S ON THE WAY." The LP, which is coming out in the near future, will be released under Yo Gotti's label, a place where Youngsta really feels at home. In a recent video interview with HNHH, he spoke about his relationship with the "Rake It Up" rapper in more detail, stating that, "when I had met him, he just liked me. He just gravitated to the way I was moving. I was wild, I was turnt. I guess he just liked it. And the rest is history. Big homie, Gotti one of the realest in it like he just gave me a shot," he told us, "That man changed my life around. It wasn't about no money, he gave me the game."

Make sure you check out the full version of that video interview, Blac Youngsta's recent entry in our On The Come Up series, below.