What can't Blac Youngsta do?

The rapper is one of the most happy-go-lucky men in the rap game, always flaunting a pearly white smile and making his fans laugh on a regular basis. Although his social media antics may lean more on the fun side, he should not be mistaken for a nice guy. He's damn good at portraying one but, this week, he reminded us all that he can be one of the most menacing rappers around. 

Having been at odds with Young Dolph for years, and even firing off a hundred shots into his car several years ago, the beef between both rappers intensified recently after Youngsta put Dolph's name on a couple of bullets, shooting them off in a video on Instagram. Dolph responded to the drama, telling The Breakfast Club that he won't entertain Blac Youngsta's BS, which now has the rapper doing flips in his house.

Posting a new video and warning his supporters that he would be deleting it soon (we seriously hope that's not true), Blac Youngsta proved that he's not just a one-trick pony, showing off perfect form on his backflip.

"I’M TAKING THIS SHIT DOWN IN 2 HOURS," wrote the star on Instagram, pulling off a gymnastic style backflip before running head-on into the camera.

Hopefully, this video stays up so we can re-visit it every once in a while. Blac Youngsta is always good for a laugh.