Blac Youngsta is fresh off the release of his project 223. The rapper dropped the album on Friday and led the campaign with the single "Booty." After releasing the album, the rapper also announced that he teamed up with famous plastic surgeon, Dr. Miami, to purchase a new booty for a lucky lady. The rapper recently was flagged down by TMZ where they asked him why he's doing it and who he thinks has the best ass in the industry.

Blac Youngsta recently spoke to the tabloid publication about his promotion to buy a lucky lady a new booty. The rapper explained that he's pretty much doing it as a way to uplift someone.

"I'm doin' it for like, I'm tryna uplift somebody. Somebody who feel down and always feel like they gotta look good for somebody but they never appreciate 'em. So I wanna just uplift somebody spirit." He said. "I look at it like woman empowered, they beautiful, they strong. So I just want to help somebody. If it take an ass for you to feel better, then I'mma buy you an ass."

However the most interesting part about this comes at the end. Youngsta was asked about who he feels has the best booty in the industry. While the answer is unexpected, Youngsta didn't need to give it much thought.

"Ouu, that's easy. Lady Gaga," he said with a smirk across his face, "That booty, booty, booty. I love Lady Gaga."

Earlier today, the rapper also dropped off the remix to "Booty" with Jeezy, Chris Brown and Trey Songz.

You could watch the full clip below.