Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta is one of the most eclectic characters in hip-hop. He's pretty hilarious on social media but, in real life, he's not the type of guy you want to mess with. He's got his head on a swivel and he's always ready to toss around some threats. This week, he told the world that he was done with internet beef before immediately tossing around threats on the internet, reminding fans of his unpredictability.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Uploading multiple text-based posts on Instagram Stories, Blac Youngsta said: "I'm done on the internet but if a n***a play with me on the internet he gone die. That's the only way I can prove to him I wasn't a hoe like he was saying." So, he's not done with internet beef? Commenters are a little confused but, at the end of the day, one thing is clear. Don't mess with Blac Youngsta. "I'm not untouchable that's why it's a must I Touch u first #NOHOMO," he added.

He followed up, shooting some wisdom at his followers. "I been a street n***a all my life and one thing I can say," started Blac Youngsta. "Robbing good people bring u bad luck. Doing something bad to a good person bring u bad luck. Been disrespectful to old people bring u bad luck."

What do you make of Blac Youngsta's wisdom bombs? Would you sign up for his TEDx Talk?