Maybe not as showy as T-Pain's BIG ASS CHAIN in sheer jaw-dropping magnitude, Blac Youngsta pictured here looking like a cornish hen sitting in a baking pan full of his own drippings, might be the frontrunner for most consistent cash flasher in the game.

Let's run it back to August when Blac Youngsta won some marbles off the back of a ludicrous sports wager with Floyd Mayweather. Yet in the greater context of all his exploits, it may not have even been his greatest haul. Blac Youngsta kind of popped up on our radar in 2014, already looking the part of a rich man, his generous belly tucked away in his muscle shirt, slyly posing knowingly, as if he were your favorite uncle.

Furthermore he asks: "If it was just me and you in this room alone what would u do?"

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Blac Youngsta's video for "Booty" is out right now, and his album drops on February 23rd so stay peeled.