Last week, police detained Yo Gotti artist Blac Youngsta outside an Atlanta area Wells Fargo bank on suspicion of cashing a forged check for $24,000. Youngsta matched the bank's description of the suspect; police found him holding a wad of $200,000 in cash, which he claimed to have just withdrawn from the bank. "They couldn't believe I was young, black, handsome -- handsome as hell -- and I was getting $200,000 out," he told reporters.

But according to a statement released by Wells Fargo, Youngsta, whose real name is Sam Benson, doesn't hold an account with Wells Fargo, nor did he ever enter the premises of the bank.

"Mr. Benson is not an account holder with us," wrote Wells Fargo Southwest Communication Manger Crystal Drake. "He did not enter our store nor did he make any withdrawals."

She continued: "A fraudulent incident did occur in the store so in the best interest of our customer, we reported it to law enforcement right away and as a result, a suspect was apprehended and the customer was not the victim of fraud.  Mr. Benson was not a party to the fraudulent incident."

The authorities later identified the suspect, Charles Darnell Edward, and arrested him on charges of first-degree forgery. They should have known all along that Youngsta wasn't the culprit, because as he said, he doesn't "believe in checks":

"The thing is, I'm a rapper. I live my life, I don't believe in checks. I don't wanna go to the car lot with no check. My dream I always dreamed about was: going in the bank, gettin' a half a million out, and take it to the car lot, half a million -- puttin' the money on the desk. Like, 'Gimme that Ghost right there.'" 

Watch the news report below.