Blac Chyna and her mother Tokyo Toni are still at odds, with no sign of relief in sight. Their relationship was gotten so porous that Tokyo is even suggesting that her daughter give up her infant child. Tokyo thinks baby Dream ought to stay with her disgruntled father Rob Kardashian until Chyna gets her sh*t together. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see something is terribly wrong," Tokyo concluded, in her most recent conversation with TMZ.

If you haven't been following Blac Chyna's supposed "fall from grace," and I don't blame you, this is what Tokyo Toni is inferring by "get your sh*t together." Chyna's mother is doubtful that recent brushes with the cops and a strange romantic dalliance with Kid Buu (who allegedly put hands on her) have in any way contributed to a childcaring bubble for baby Dream.

As TMZ once reported, Blac Chyna was found intoxicated and incapable of supporting her child about a month ago. The cops who responded to the distress call later assessed that everything was fine, and baby Dream was left in her mother's custody. There's also a strong belief that Blac Chyna has made it "difficult" for Rob Kardashian to contact her in times of distress. The situation should be considered "speculative" at best, before we receive any word from law enforcement, or better yet, child services. Keep your head over water Blac Chyna.