Blac Chyna and her mother, Tokyo Toni, have a very complicated relationship. One day, they're all lovey-dovey and singing each other's praises, and the next, they're trying to tear each other down on social media. Earlier this year, Tokyo Toni did an interview where she explained why she's "not proud" of her daughter, calling her out for some of the choices she's made professionally. The following months were calm between them but this week, it looks like Chyna's mother is coming for all the smoke again.

As reported by several blog sites, Tokyo Toni has called out her daughter again for allegedly making transphobic remarks. Chyna's mother posted several videos of the influencer's night out when she seemingly made transphobic remarks about people in the parking lot.

Arnold Turner/Getty Images

"Transphobic ??????," allegedly wrote Tokyo Toni on Instagram, adding a bunch of disappointed face emojis to her caption. The short video shows Blac Chyna getting into her car, saying, "They're not girls, they're boys" about a group of people nearby. Toni added more context to the clip, sharing a longer version on her page.

"Chyna was being mad rude and acting superior AF," she allegedly wrote as a caption. "She blocked the gate so no one could get out. People were just trynna ask her to leave." The video shows Blac Chyna inside of her car before she stormed out and started yelling at folks that appeared to be blocking her way. "She kept wanting smoke with the transwomen and then told them they are not girls but boys," added Toni.

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