Blac Chyna and her former beau Kid Buu got into a violent fight in Hawaii a couple weeks ago. Allegedly Blac confronted Kid about cheating which led him to become physical. Kid has since denied all allegations against his name, stating that he was "raised better than that."

"In fact, I was raised that if you ever feel like it had to get there with a woman, leave her. Dump her. Dump her son," he said. "Don't you ever put your hands on her. You dump that woman before it ever gets there."

New reports from TMZ detail an aggressive past by Kid Buu, born Markquez Santiago. The publication details how he was once arrested and charged with child abuse after he punched his baby mother in the face, in front of his two-year-old child. The incident happened in 2008 when Kid was 19 and his girlfriend at the time wanted to cash a cheque but he took it away from her. When he returned to the apartment, she allegedly threatened to call 911 but Kid punched her in the face. The woman told police that Kid threatened her with a gun but no gun was found when he was arrested. 

Per documents obtained by the publication, Kid pleaded guilty to "charges of child abuse (without causing great bodily harm), intimidation, robbery by sudden snatching, and criminal mischief." He was sentenced to two years probation which he completed in 2010.