Blac Chyna sat down with Michael Lehrer of Lehrer Architects in Los Angeles to hatch out her dream home. The model/video vixen visited Lehrer's studio which features a 30 foot ceiling and individual work stations with sketch boards and drawing tables. We're talking a fully-modern architectural practice. 

Michael Lehrer asked her to define her goals for the project, and she began by listing them off one at a time. First on her list of demands for her dream home was a topiary landscape depicting her name. She wanted her name to be the first thing that came into view upon entering her lot. 

Secondly, she demanded a ten-door garage with different wings, without offering an explanation or implying an interest in cars. Sometimes you've just got to keep up with the times.

Third on her list of musings a Helicopter Pad, followed by an infinity pool, a storage warehouse, a recording studio, glass paneling, marble contouring, and last but not least: a room entirely dedicated to sex of all kind. She describes the room as one that requires a special hatch or button for activation. The room could make a phenomenal difference in her "discoverable talents."

The full segment is available below. Anybody who derives their