Back in 2015, Blac Chyna let her friend Paige Addison drive her BMW, but unfortunately, Paige crashed into another car and according to people at the scene, Paige and another unidentified woman hopped out of the vehicle and fled the scene. Blac has continued to deny that she was the other women in the car, and has even tried to get her name dropped from the case. 

New reports from The Blast say Blac's attempts of getting removed from the case have been denied and a judge has ordered Blac to be deposed in the lawsuit filed by the crash victims Zohar Mizrahi and Michaela Mesica. The publication adds how Blac has also been forced to pay up $1,260 as a penalty for not taking the case seriously. 

Paige was charged with a hit and run and Zohar and Michaela charged for medical expense, lost wages and other damages. They also accused Blac of letting Paige drive her whip, knowing she was a bad driver. The case is still ongoing.