Blac Chyna just got her second visit from the LAPD in just as many days. As we reported, the police originally stopped by Chyna's home on Sunday evening (January 20) after an anonymous caller said that she was drunk to the point of utter intoxication and could not watch her child, Dream Kardashian. When police arrived, all was well. Dream was safe, Chyna was not intoxicated, and a nanny was home regardless to help care for the child. Allegedly, Chyna was in an argument with members of her team, which may be the catalyst for the anonymous call. Now, TMZ is reporting that the LAPD visited Chyna's home once more on Monday (January 21) due to another dispute. 

 Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

This time, the police were in attendance to oversee a potentially violent situation. Chyna and her make-up artist allegedly got into a monstrous fight this past weekend, ending what used to be a close friendship and business partnership. During the heated argument, the make-up artist left Chyna's house either in anger or fear. In the moment, she forgot to grab her belongings. Police returned to Chyna's residence with the make-up artist to help her retrieve mascara, eyeliner, and other work items she left after the fight.