Despite the chaotic unraveling of her relationship with Rob Kardashian -- or perhaps because of all the publicity surrounding it -- Blac Chyna is still getting approached with big-time promotional offers. Though Chyna, a woman who knows her worth, doesn't think the deal that Adidas wants to strike with her is quite lucrative enough. She is in talks with the company for a two-shoe deal, with a possibility of a third, reports TMZ. Adidas wants her to wear the shoes to media events and out in public, and they've made their pitch with an offer of $250,000 -- a number that Chyna is insulted by, say sources close to the social media star. 

Perhaps Chyna is dismayed at the bid because she knows how much of a stake that Kanye West has in the company. Yeezy was thought to soon be part of her extended family, before she dramatically left Rob this past weekend and took their newborn baby girl, Dream Kardashian, with her. 

Though Chyna is upset over the initial negotiations with Adidas, she and her lawyer, Walter Mosley, are reportedly still confident that an agreement will be met. Mosley had been busy in trying to secure Chyna's right to trademark her name should she become a Kardashian. It's unclear if Chyna is still set on becoming Angela Kardashian, but whatever her name might be, her hustle shall continue to keep her in the headlines.