Blac Chyna has once again found herself embroiled in a revenge porn controversy after a sex tape of the reality star hit the internet. People like Star Brim attacked Chyna's dome-game, while alleged recipient of said dome Mechie denied all involvement in the leak. Even though many profess annoyance with all things Chyna, those same people have been busy scouring the internet in search of the video "for research purposes" or "hate-watching." Suffice it to say, having one's sex tape leaked onto the internet is probably a messy affair. For some, the inevitable public shame might actually lead to vast psychological damage. Blac Chyna, however, seems to be in good spirits.

Perhaps she has come to benefit from the matriarchal wisdom of Amber Rose, who has become something of a feminist ambassador. Known for her outspoken views on sex, femininity, and public perception of body image, Rose proved herself a force to be reckoned with after getting boyfriend 21 Savage to wear a Captain Save-A-Ho superhero costume. It was at that moment we knew she wasn't playing no games. It would appear that Rose reached out to Blac Chyna to organize a therapeutic girls night in.

Footage from TMZ shows Blac Chyna dressed in a leopard onesie, dancing to early two-thousands pop-punk track "Stacey's Mom." The ode to the milf seemed to empower both women; Rose repeatedly exclaimed that "Dreamy's mom got it goin' on" while the child dances in apparent agreement.